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Tired of paying $90 for a Microneedling Cartridge?


Schedule A Call Now To Speak With A Clinician with 21-Years of Experience, Not a Salesperson!

You will never speak to a sales rep. In fact, SkinStylus® costs 40-60% less than other options because we cut out all sales reps and middlemen and replaced them with clinicians. Book your call now and speak with Kristin Groop, 21-year clinician and co-inventor of the SkinStylus MicroSystem®.


Kristin Groop Has Been Featured In The Most Reputable International Esthetic Magazines Such As Les Nouvelles

Hair Today-SkinStylus
Skin Sense
Poking Holes in Anti Aging

Three Year Warranty

Engineered in the USA

Trade in Old Cartridges

Save Up To $40 per Cartridge

SkinStylus® SkinPen® RejuvaPen NXT® Exceed® Eclipse®
FDA cleared to 2.5 mm
12 pin, 36 pin, and 36 pin HiLo technology
Three different FDA cleared cartridge configurations for maximum flexibility
Can either be intermediate disinfected or autoclave reprocessed without need for sheath
FDA cleared with both battery (cordless) and corded power options
FDA cleared with a THREE YEAR Warranty
Patented Seven-Step Safety System that prevents cross-contamination
Cartridges utilize gamma ray sterilization
FDA cleared for use on all six skin types

The SkinStylus SteriLock® MicroSystem is the only system cleared by the FDA to be used on all six skin types.

Eliminates fear of hypopigmentation, hyperpigmention, and burning

Unlike laser, IPL, and chemical peels, SkinStylus® MicroSystems can be used on all skin types without the fear of hypopigmentation, hyperpigmention, burning, and most importantly, recent mild-to-moderate sun exposure.

Engineered and assembled in the USA

SkinStylus® is “a masterpiece of American ingenuity”, with Class II clearance and clinical data on file with

Unprecedented access to state-of-the-art technology

12 pin, 36 pin, and 36 pin HiLo technology is not available in any other system.

Seven step safety system

Three Year Warranty

SkinStylus® includes a Three Year Warranty depending on the selected package.

Warranty-Skin Stylus
pen on stomach-Skin Stylus

Corded and cordless options

Both corded and cordless options are available.


Trade in old cartridges

Trade in sealed, unexpired cartridges, 1-for-1 for SteriLock® cartridges.


removable nosecones

Removable nosecones can be reprocessed in an autoclave or disinfected with CaviCide®.


Video education included

14 hours of research-supported video education available upon purchase of your new SkinStylus®.


Refer a Friend & Receive $400 of Cartridges!

Send the QR code image or the Link below to a friend and if they buy a SkinStylus MicroSystem, you will receive 10 free cartridges (a $400 value)!

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SkinStylus® Shields Your Clients, And Your Sterling Reputation, Against Cross-Contamination

Schedule a call with a 21-year clinician now.
Never speak to a sales rep.

Clinically Tested And Scientifically Validated

The SkinStylus SteriLock® MicroSystem has been cleared by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device for the indication of treating abdominal scars (such as tummy tuck scars) to 2.5 mm, in adults over 22 years old. In a controlled clinical trial, 2 out of 3 physician graders observed a clinically meaningful improvement in 22 out of 30 subjects (73%). Clinical data on file.

Our Testimonials

"We found an absolute gem when we were introduced to the SkinStylus family. We have been extremely impressed with the customer support, training opportunities, shipping speed as well as the quality of the pen and cartridges. The results our clients receive from the SkinStylus microneedling pen have exceeded our expectations! We can’t recommend Kris and the SkinStylus team enough!"
Lindsey Felts APRN
"My experience with SkinStylus has been seamless. From an easy video consultation, they were able to identify my needs and support me in my practice set-up. I was timid about starting a new procedure, but they held my hand every step of the way no matter what time of day. When you buy a SkinStylus you are accessing years of expertise and consultants by your side to help make your venture a true success. So happy I made the right choice."
Dr. Samer Muala
"I'm Despina the owner of Boston Microneedling. I've been using SkinStylus since 2016. It has completely transformed my business. The accuracy of the pen is like no other. I have not needed a new battery for my pen since day of purchase, and I do 8 sessions a day. The needles are perfect with zero snagging. Working with Kristin all these years with her expertise and consistent support has been amazing. The education from her classes continues years later if I have any questions or concerns. My shipments are quick. Overall you will never find a better pen or a team that supports your clinic the way they do. I'm forever grateful."
Despina Alves
"I cannot say enough good about the SkinStylus system, their wonderful customer service, or tremendous patient outcomes. I am absolutely thrilled with our 5 years of experience with Kristin. We own several pens and have referred numerous clinicians. It’s incredible to have a cost-effective piece of equipment that performs incredibly well."
Justine Roberts PA-C
"After years of testing many devices in market, my team and I quickly discovered that SkinStylus was not only an affordable device but it was the best performing device. Focused not on only driving results for patients but also for ease of use for the provider. There’s no skipping, the device doesn’t get overheated or run out of battery, and you can get amazing results without having to turn the device on max settings. The education and support was far superior to what was offered by other vendors due to the device being designed by working practitioners in the industry. Don’t be surprised when you also see your COGS decrease because SkinStylus has also made all consumables extremely affordable."
Kimberly Vaughn
"I have known Kris and Larry , the inventors of the Skin Stylus microneedling device, for many years. They are, in my opinion as a long practicing Cosmetic Dermatologist, the very best team in the industry from a support and innovation standpoint. There is no better team anywhere and the training on this brilliantly designed medical device , is simply superb. I say this as not only a user of the device but an experienced practitioner and inventor of devices and products with multiple patents in the field myself so I speak from a position of knowledge. It is our go to device for scar, acne scar revision as well as skin rejuvenation with a remarkable CIT ( collagen induction ) effect. You need to review their website, study their device and add it to your armamentarium . I guarantee you will be thrilled with the unit and the results it delivers and with the knowledge gained as Kris’s training elevates you to a whole new level of expertise and thinking. The depth of her knowledge of devices, skin care and skin rejuvenation as one of the top Aesthetician experts in this field is simply amazing. You must have a Skin Stylus . You must add Kris to your staff ! Your practice will soar to new levels!"
David B. Vasily MD, FAAD
"As a prestigious school in Minneapolis, when we began our search for a microneedling system, we knew we wanted the best for our students. After months of research, nothing could compare to The SkinStylus. And the training they gave our educators was top notch! We are so happy to be using a first class device and sharing it with our students to give them THE best education!"
Darlene P.
"Before I started using SkinStylus, I made 18k, rationed school lunches for my three kids. I bought your device and had never been so scared in my life. Fast forward three years later… I will hit a 6 figure Esthi this year. And I just hired two girls. I can’t believe it."
Kimberley Dennison
"Explained how SkinStylus works. “The small microneedles penetrate the skin at varying depths to stimulate collagen formation gently and gradually,” she advised. “Patients with scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can achieve significant softening and correction of the scars and pigment."
Gretchen Frieling, MD, dermatologist and CEO of G Face MD in Wellesley, Mass.
"Adding Skin Stylus to Bella Medspa LLC has allowed my small business to expand services immediately, and I could not have done it without all their amazing support, outstanding advanced training, and personalized guidance. --Thank you"
Karla Cabrera, FNP-C
"I have used different Micro systems in the past and by far SkinStylus is without a shadow of a doubt the best I have used, We have received more referrals with this device than ones I have used in the past, We can confidently work on clients knowing that it has been fully sterilized as pieces come off and can be autoclaved. The glide / precision and quietness of the device is also a plus. Love Love it."
Brooke Bangart
Cosmetic Laser Specialist & Aesthetician
Ageless Anatomy Med Spa
"We LOVE our Skin Stylus pen! As an aesthetic provider with 19 years of experience, I have been Microneedling my patients for at least 10 years now. It is one of my favorite skin treatments! Let me tell you, device matters. Outcomes will vary depending on the reliability, smoothness and consistency of your microneedling pen. I have never been able to so easily achieve pin-point bleeding, my patients are comfortable, and ergonomically this pen is perfect for the provider. We’ve never had issues with malfunction and working with this company is a dream. They treat their customers right! I cannot recommend this pen enough!"
-Nicola Lowrey, MPAP, PA-C
N2 Aesthetics Inc.
"My name is Kim Poibrenski, I’m the Clinical Director for Physicians Plan in Huntersville. I just wanted to share that since I’ve worked with Skin Stylus I’ve been very pleased with the results as well as the customer service. Microneedling is one of our top treatments and Skin Stylus does not disappoint! I’d also like to note that Kris has always been extremely helpful and always gets back to me in a timely manner, rare these days 😊
We LOVE Skin Stylus"
Kimberly Poibrenski
Clinical Director
"I love SkinStylus! I have never had a client come back to me after a treatment disappointed or displeased with their service. This device is very straightforward to use and gives results you can see! Both you as the provider and the client will be very happy. I cannot recommend SkinStylus enough!"
Logan Phillippe
"We absolutely love the SkinStylus Microneedling pen. Our Estheticians have used other devices in the past and find the SkinStylus pen to be the easiest to use. The innovative design which allows for significant reduction in contamination is also a Huge Plus. The company aftersales service is very responsive and very easy to work with. 5 stars"
Dr Amanda Bacchus-Morris, Medical Director of AMG Aesthetics, Tucson AZ.

Certain restrictions apply, limited time offer. All trade in devices must be functional, and contain all OEM components sold with the kit.

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