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SkinStylus SteriLock®

SkinStylus® cartridges have a unique, patented, seven-step safety system designed to stop any fluids from getting through the cartridge and into the device. The SteriLock® cartridge is also gamma ray sterilized to ensure client safety.

Redundant Safety Systems: SkinStylus® practitioners can rest assured that even in the unlikely event that fluids were somehow able to exit the SteriLock® cartridge, the SkinStylus® nosecone can be reprocessed in an autoclave after each use further minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

SteriLock® Quick Start

• 1 SteriLock Device – corded and cordless options
• 1 motor
• 2 nosecones
• Abs case
• Corded speed head controller
• 9’ power cord and AC block
• 3’ charging cord and AC block
• 2 Li-on modular batteries
• Acrylic stand
• 3 cartridges (12 pin, 36 pin, 36 pin HiLo)

Purchasers and users of any SkinStylus® System are strongly urged to comply with any federal, state or local restrictions for its use. SkinStylus® does not purport to furnish legal or medical advice. Additionally, the content of this website is for informational purposes only.

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